For all people who are thinking of taking a EVDO connection from bsnl, this would be helpfull. BSNL evdo is a good service and it does give good speeds, but there are certain limitations.

Main thing this thing is still under testing phaze and they have not included EvDO in all cdma towers. Please check the below link to check availability of EVDO in your area.

for kerala subscribers here is the tariff link

Ok now lets move on. you can use this connection as a standby internet, not completely a substitute for broadband. It lacks a couple of things.

1. You are not given a public IP. Similar to GPRS/EDGE, once you get connected, you get an ip in local range
Attached Image
See the above image. Its an output of start –> run –> cmd –> ipconfig /all

BSNL EVDO has a below connection pattern
customer pc(gets a 10.x.x.x local ip on connect) –> evdo modem –> mobile-gateway –> proxy (having a public ip) –> internet
(for people who are confused about local and public ip. local ip/lan ip is an ip address which is locally allocated and which cant be accessed from outside your primary network or connecting network. public ip is something which can be accessed from all over the internet)

2. Second issue is that you cannot use windows vpn to connect to other pptp servers. If you are an office guy who wish to connect to your office while traveling, then you cannot do so.
Why this is happening is because the proxy/gateway server firewall of bsnl doesnot allow gre protocol which is required for pptp connections.

3. Wired and Wireless broadband makes a great difference. You don’t get constant speeds in EVDO. Say you start downloading a 50mb file. intially for a minute or so you will be at 1kbps or so. Speeds gain slowly as the download moves on and it attains a maximum speed of around 1mbps (though promised 2.4mbps).
4. You get 1mbps often but in low signal areas, around 256-450kbps(32kb/s – 56kb/s). Anyway even 256kbps speed is fair enough at Rs.550(NOW 650 for new users) and unlimited downloads. BSNL itself gives broadband 256kbps @ 900+ rates

UPDATE: IP Allocations and PPTP VPN connections now possible in BSNL EVDO. Check the below topic discussed in our forum
IP Allocations in BSNL EVDO

Any questions or comments, you may post in our forum. Keep Posting !!!!

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