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Reliance not in any near future. Even if they start EvDO, do you think they will offer 2.4mbps ?

Reliance is offering cdma 1x which advertises speeds upto 144kbps(18kb/s) but hardly gives 96kbps(12kb/s). BSNL gives effectively upto 120kbps on its cdma 1x internet (places where evdo towers are not established)

Regarding Wimax and EvDO, we cant clearly say who wins its. Both has its own advantages and Read more of this...

Its almost a month since i took the connection. First thing is it is really difficult to find somebody in bsnl who actually is aware that bsnl has launched such a service. Thanks to the local JTO who never answers phone, i had to walk up and down over a week to finally find out the BSNL central office gives the connection. Luckily the first guy i saw there was the EVDO sales guy.

He gave me an application Read more of this...

BSNL has taken the first leap in india towards the 3g segment. The next era of broadband or mobile internet is 3G with speeds of 2.4mbps – 3mbps. BSNL is first to launch this in India. Its still in testing phase. EVDO is the 3G service developed for CDMA by QUALCOMM. For EVDO to work properly, each tower needs to have its own bts. BSNL is continuously working on upgrading their towers with Read more of this...