GPRS is the worst option and it can never be used as a primary connection. It just comes useful at case of emergency when no other option is available. Regarding bsnl evdo, for the 250 mb plan you get assured speeds above 100kbps and for evdo they claim 2mbps speeds but effectively you get around 400-800kbps range always.

Regarding public ip, you will be getting a ip in local range just like Airtel

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BSNL is the first company in India to offer broadband on the move. This service is on the EVDO spectrum and offers speeds upto 2.5Mbps! This article is a summary of all the frequently asked questions on EVDO broadband.

I am in Trivandum, Kerala and it took about 4 trips to the BSNL office at Pattom to get the connection. They have a separate process for issuing the EVDO cards probably because the

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-coming up, public ip and pptp solution.
Few updates I received from BSNL REGION Office for the below complaints.

1. IP Address – currently only 63 public ip address is allotted for trivandrum circle. Soon more ips will come and all connections will have public ips

2. VPN – VPN pptp connections blocked will be cleared soon.

3. Disconnection – Customers facing issues with frequent

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