BSNL has taken another good initiative in bringing 3G to India. BSNL is the first operator in India to launch 3G service under the EVDO technology developed by QUALCOMM. A subscriber can get mobile internet @ blazing 2.4mbps speeds for Rs. 550(NOW 650 for new users)/month. Isnt that awesome ?

About the modem. Its a matchbox size/pendrive size small usb modem thats supplied for evdo connections. Here

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Reliance not in any near future. Even if they start EvDO, do you think they will offer 2.4mbps ?

Reliance is offering cdma 1x which advertises speeds upto 144kbps(18kb/s) but hardly gives 96kbps(12kb/s). BSNL gives effectively upto 120kbps on its cdma 1x internet (places where evdo towers are not established)

Regarding Wimax and EvDO, we cant clearly say who wins its. Both has its own advantages and

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