Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 175 ms 317 ms 131 ms
2 182 ms 169 ms 149 ms
3 276 ms 382 ms 346 ms
4 150 ms 159 ms 186 ms
5 * * * Request timed out.
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Many would be doing stock trading over the internet at this age. Everbody youngsters, and professionals!!. For the ones who are excited to know whether EVDO goes fine with stock trading here is the answer. In short yes but can be difficult at times.

EVDO is fast but has certain limitations. It does not give you a public ip on connecting and also does not support vpn connections.

Generally EVDO might Read more of this...

I am not sure if this does the work really, actually i felt it worked for me. I am able to get speeds upto 1mbps, almost above 40kb/s constant in uTorrent.

Since i got good speeds, I beleive BSNL as such from its part doesnot block torrent traffic.

One fact remains same, your torrents speed wont be as good as your broadband 1mbps or 2mbps connection. Its because of the reason that you donot get a Read more of this...

For all people who are thinking of taking a EVDO connection from bsnl, this would be helpfull. BSNL evdo is a good service and it does give good speeds, but there are certain limitations.

Main thing this thing is still under testing phaze and they have not included EvDO in all cdma towers. Please check the below link to check availability of EVDO in your area.
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-coming up, public ip and pptp solution.
Few updates I received from BSNL REGION Office for the below complaints.

1. IP Address – currently only 63 public ip address is allotted for trivandrum circle. Soon more ips will come and all connections will have public ips

2. VPN – VPN pptp connections blocked will be cleared soon.

3. Disconnection – Customers facing issues with frequent Read more of this...