Lets see how I started using this device on my Linux distribution (You can follow the same steps to configure this device on any Linux distribution) :

Device : [b]ZTE EV-DO AC8700 800M[/b]

Product Vendor : Qualcomm, Inc.

1) Insert the EvDO device into USB port

2) Check whether the device is getting detected on your system or not. You can issue the following command in console :

#sudo tail -f Read more of this...

BSNL has taken another good initiative in bringing 3G to India. BSNL is the first operator in India to launch 3G service under the EVDO technology developed by QUALCOMM. A subscriber can get mobile internet @ blazing 2.4mbps speeds for Rs. 550(NOW 650 for new users)/month. Isnt that awesome ?

About the modem. Its a matchbox size/pendrive size small usb modem thats supplied for evdo connections. Here Read more of this...

Its almost a month since i took the connection. First thing is it is really difficult to find somebody in bsnl who actually is aware that bsnl has launched such a service. Thanks to the local JTO who never answers phone, i had to walk up and down over a week to finally find out the BSNL central office gives the connection. Luckily the first guy i saw there was the EVDO sales guy.

He gave me an application Read more of this...