BSNL has taken another good initiative in bringing 3G to India. BSNL is the first operator in India to launch 3G service under the EVDO technology developed by QUALCOMM. A subscriber can get mobile internet @ blazing 2.4mbps speeds for Rs. 550(NOW 650 for new users)/month. Isnt that awesome ?

About the modem. Its a matchbox size/pendrive size small usb modem thats supplied for evdo connections. Here is a small pic.
AC8700 USB Modem

EVDO is currently available only in few areas. You can check the availability in this topic

Now about this site, this is not a bsnl official site nor is associated with them. Currently this technology is really new to all people. For the clever ones who took the connection or the ones who wish to have one, there is hardly much information available in the bsnl site. Also the local exchange people are unaware about such a technology until its fully launched with them. In such a state, our sites and helps users to know and share information on bsnl evdo, technology and much more with it.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to BSNL EVDO Unofficial site”

  1. Hasim Says:

    I bought a new BSNL EVDO prithvi, For the last one week, i started using it, got bore now as itz too slow even i get three tower, i try to coronet any possibility late night early morning but the speed is still slow Average speed below 60 kbps

  2. evdo_NuTS Says:

    You might be in a CDMA1x plan

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